Troubleshooting and advanced configuration

Incorrect agent keys

The Flowmill agent must be configured with a valid agent key to connect to the Flowmill service. You can create a new key in the Flowmill agent page or download a preconfigured flowmill.yaml file in Flowmill agent deployment tab.

resolving kernel headers...
launching kernel collector...
+ exec /srv/kernel-collector --host-distro amazon --kernel-headers-source pre_installed --config-file /etc/flowmill/config.yaml --force-docker-metadata --disable-nomad-metadata --enable-cpu-mem-io
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::runtime_error'
what(): error while fetching initial authz token: status code 403 (Flowmill auth server='')
double check the following items:
- Agent keys are properly configured:
- in Kubernetes environments, verify that secret `flowmill-k8s-agent-key` has been set for namespace `flowmill` and contains keys `flowmill_agent_key_id` and `flowmill_agent_secret`
- this container's enironment variables `FLOWMILL_AUTH_KEY_ID` and `FLOWMILL_AUTH_SECRET` must contain the agent key
- Flowmill auth server is correctly configured:
- in Kubernetes environments, helm chart's key ``
- this container's enironment variable `FLOWMILL_AUTHZ_SERVER`
2020-10-22 21:31:17.168241+00:00 warning [p:006231 t:006231] uploading crash minidump to ''...
2020-10-22 21:31:17.485637+00:00 error [p:006231 t:006231] unable to upload crash minidump: (22) The requested URL returned error: 401 Unauthorized
CRASH DETECTED - collecting crash minidump in `/tmp/flowmill-minidump/b891cc8c-c087-4f03-98ddc096-8048cbd3.dmp`...
waiting for crash minidump uploader process (pid=6231)
crash minidump uploader process terminated normally with exit code 1

Kernel header fetching failure

The Flowmill agent is configured to automatically install and cache kernel header packages on supported distros. This process can fail if the distribution is not supported or if packages are not available for the running kernel . In that case, you can try manually installing kernel header packages.

sudo apt-get install --yes "linux-headers-`uname -r`"
#RedHat / Centos
sudo yum install -y "kernel-devel-`uname -r`"

If you continue to see an error related to kernel headers from the Flowmill agent, please contact the Flowmill team.

Installing agents with SELinux enabled

SELinux can block the Flowmill agent from starting when set to "enforcing" mode. You can check by inspecting /etc/selinux/config.

If you have SELinux in enforcing mode, it is necessary to grant access to certain bpf system calls. This can be done by executing the script on each Linux host that will run the Flowmill agent.

Using Flowmill agents with an HTTP proxy

It is possible to configure the Flowmill agents to connect to Flowmill via an HTTP proxy. Instructions can be found on the Installing agents page. Note it is also possible to directly set the FLOWMILL_PROXY_HOST, FLOWMILL_PROXY_PORT as environment variables in the agent.

AWS collector fails to run / No AWS endpoints are found

The AWS collector must be run on an instance with IAM privileges that allow certain read-only operations, namely DescribeRegions and DescribeNetworkInterfaces. Please use the AWS IAM dashboard to change this configuraiton.