The TenantsServiceAPI provides programmatic access to interacting with a single tenant and can be used to perform create, list and delete actions on the following objects:

  • Agent Keys

  • API Keys

  • Users

Listing Users

To list all users within your tenant, use the TenantsServiceApi.list_users method:

tenants_api = flowmill.TenantsServiceApi(api_client)
response = tenants_api.list_users()
for user in response.users:
print('Username: {}'.format(user.email))

This response will return the following fields for each users:

  • email - The user's login email

  • last_used - A timestamp from their last login

  • role - The user's role (one of: admin, user)

  • status - Whether or not the user is currently enabled or disabled. Disabled users cannot


  • user_id - The unique ID of this user